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  1. Every season there is an abundance of prints, but if you are not use to wearing them, they can seem overwhelming.

    Prints come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you might be wondering how you are able to wear them.

    Here are some great tips on how to wear prints.

    Patterns Draw Attention

    Prints and patterns draw the eye to them, so people will look at where the print is. If you are bottom heavy then a printed pant will draw the eye to this. It is a good idea to then wear prints where you are most comfortable having them.

    Print and Pattern Mixing

    There is a definite trend of mixing prints and patterns. This can be scary, but when it is done right it looks amazing. If you are daring enough to mix prints and patterns then draw items from the same colour palette. It is also a good idea to choose one print to be subtler than the other.

    Small or Large Print

    The size of the print will depend on your body type. A larger print will suit a full figured woman and a smaller print works well on petite women. When you mix prints a larger one can be mixed with a smaller one.

    What Type of Print?

    The print that you are going to suit will depend on your skin’s undertone. Geometric patterns and stripes will suit cool and clears. Floral and softer prints suit cool and muted.

    The strength of colour that is right for you will also determine the strength of print.

    There are undertones that will suit both, so it is a good idea to become familiar with your undertone, so you know what will work best for you.

    Accessories Go Along Way

    If you are not ready to wear full on print just yet, then it is a good idea to introduce small touches of print. Accessories are a great way to wear print, but without it feeling too overwhelming.

    You can choose a pair of printed shoes, a printed bag or a patterned scarf.

    These items can easily be paired with your outfits and really pop against neutral colours.

    Patterns and prints are a must, especially during the spring and summer. In the autumn and winter, you can try winter floral. These are darker floral patterns that create a moodier look.

    If you feel daring then try patterns and prints. You are able to find an array of clothing items to try like dresses, tops and pants.

    Prints are fun and can create a playful look. Remember that no matter what you wear you should feel good because this gives you the confidence to strut your stuff.